Tired of losing Raffles?

Tired of losing raffles and getting nothing in return? Then look no further than SolBids! Our platform offers a wide variety of NFT raffles on the Solana blockchain, providing all participants with a one-of-a-kind rewarding experience.
Our unique BidsBack rewards program ensures that every bid you spend goes towards leveling you up, unlocking new benefits, and higher rewards. And when you do lose a raffle, a percentage of those Bids will be returned to you as claimable rewards, which you can use to try your luck again.
We prioritize fairness, innovation, accessibility, and community. We are committed to providing all players with a fair and transparent gaming experience. With our integration of's API, every raffle on our platform is provably fair. We strive to incorporate new and exciting features to enhance the user experience and make our platform accessible to players of all skill levels and backgrounds. We foster a positive and inclusive community and provide transparent information about our platform and its operation.
Join us and experience the most rewarding raffles on Solana:
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